Friday, July 02, 2010

Oh shit oh dear

While browsing predator sites, I found this ad. If you don't read anything else, check out the 2nd paragraph.

Randy Anderson's "The Truth - Calling All Coyotes" Video (DVD)

In Randy Anderson's "The Truth - Calling All Coyotes" Video, Randy Anderson and Primos Hunting Calls have teamed up to bring you the most action packed hunting video ever. This video will help you learn Randy's unique style of calling in coyotes, using a combination of howling and distress calls. He shares tips and techniques to help you effectively use the Hot Dog, the Double Whammy, the Lil' Dog and the Ki-Yi from his signature series of calls.

WARNING: The footage you are about to see is of a graphic nature. Viewers should know, that in testing, 9 out of 10 hunters took up arms and headed to the field after watching this video. Other side effects included blowing predator calls in and around the house, disturbing family members and neighbors and in the most extreme cases, we found some signs of mange developing in humans. Some scientists have written it off as baldness, but we know better. If this video doesn’t make you want to go predator hunting, nothing will.

I own several Primos products and will probably own several more. One of the first things I bought was a 250 yard spotlight for night huntiong. Features include a rechargable battery pack, a scope mount and a red lense so as to not destroy your night vision. The cost was about 90 US bucks.

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