Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What the hell??????

Okay, check this shit out. I was browsing the pet section on Craigslist trying to find something for CharlieGodammit to fuck and ran across this ad.
I'm sorry, but who in the fuck keeps livestock in their house? Except for my friend Debbie, the crazy goat lady......
And why would you make something you're gonna eat a pet?

Ducks and geese make awesome pets. They will follow you anywhere, and love to be in your presence.
Ducks and geese are not potty-trainable at all.
GooseMother.Com has invented the solution!
A durable and reusable diaper harness. All you need is childrens disposable diapers to use as the inserts.
I have 2 black diaper harnesses, mint condition, size 4 &5.
These will fit a large grown duck, or a medium- large breed goose, such as a Toulouse, Embdem, Roman, or African geese.
They work great! No mess, easy to put on, and washable.

I withheld the phone number on purpose because I know Will, TJ, Skip and probably Lula would be calling her just to fuck with her mind.

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Lula said...

Ha! A diaper harness on a duck! I'll picture that in my head whenever I need a laugh!