Friday, July 02, 2010


I'm on vacation this week, motherfuckers. I plan on getting tore up from the floor up and then tits up later tonight, then the serious vacationing starts.
I don't know how CharlieGodammit will react to continuous gunfire and firecrackers, so I'm going to stay home this weekend. My birthday is Wednesday and Mom is expecting me to come over so I'm going to head over the Pass Tuesday afternoon and hunt my way north for a couple of days, then head back to the house Friday for a hot shower, warm bed and hopefully, a crazy lady. I need to get laid.
Saturday, I'm going to Reno to visit with Lula and Hubbs (hers', not mine. I ain't that way) for a day of beer, meat and laughter.
Posts may be few and far between if things go according to plan.


Bella said...

Go Wirecutter. Let 'er rip, tear one up, off and over. Give 'er shit. Happy and safe vacation.

wirecutter said...

Thanks, Bella. I'll do just that.