Friday, August 27, 2010

GMarks' dog Jessie

Love your blog. I read it in the morning at work. thanks for the chuckles. Please write more so I can avoid more work. I have a hunch if we were neighbors we'd give each other a lot of shit. Then of course talk about guns, dumb ass liberals and other stuff over beers.
This is my dog Jessie. We got him from the pound. We think he's a Shepard collie mix. He's got a mean bark but once people come in he's all about sniffing crotches and making friends. Loves going for walks so he can smell everything and then piss on it.
He got himself pepper sprayed once by some douche bag neighbors. Apparently he got out of the yard and saw them walking by. When he ran up to make friends they just assumed he was an asshole like themselves and sprayed him. Now parts of their hoity toity "curb appeal" yard just won't grow grass anymore, not sure why:-) There's a vid on my face book of him and some other funny stuff if you want it. (some I stole from you).
Keep up the good work.

Have you seen this?


Amusing Bunni said...

Jessie is beautiful, it's too funny, my first doggie was a shepard collie mix. And, I got her from the anti-cruelty society (pound) here. She was a girl, so the only grass she ruined was mine. She was so good and well behaved.
If anyone had maced her, they'd be picking up their teeth from the sidewalk.

Great idea wire cutter, posting the doggie pics, you know how I love animals.

wirecutter said...

I love animals a hell of a lot more than I like people, Bunni.

Amusing Bunni said...

Me too, WC, they are WAY nicer, more loyal, honest and sweeter too! GMTA!

Bella said...

Jessie has awesome markings. Copper colored, very nice.

Deb said...

Even though he has a doughnut for a tail, he's an awfully nice lookin' dog!

GMark, does Jessie need a new furry blond chewey toy named NutJob? Let me know.

G. Mark said...

Wow, thanks for the nice comments about Jessie, He'd lick all your faces if he could. He's a sweet pooch. When he was a pup he looked like a fox cause his ears were too big for his head. I love it when the pure breed dog owers stop and ask what breed he is. I just grin and say "not sure, collie-shepard I think, got him from the pound".