Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hey, I'm easy.

After I posted my Islam post, I've noticed that I've gotten a shitload of views from arabic countries.
Let me make it easy on all you jihadists.
Contact me through my profile and I'll let you know you of a place to meet. We'll meet and settle our shit face to face instead of on the internet. I've had a great life, hope you have too.
Fuck Mo. He's a goat fucker and a baby raper.......


Amusing Bunni said...

Those mooselimb jihadists are very chicken.
I don't think any will take you up on your offer, WC, unfortunately. I would have love to see, read about that...hee hee.

They are horrid, have you seen how they totally roam around and beat up people in England? And their protests, true RIOTS. If they aren't stopped, it will happen here. not if you can help it, I'm sure ;-)

Andy said...

where england messed up was 1 by banning guns and 2 thinking everyone is *equal* with there anti profiling laws and 3 a lax imigration policy its time for then to shit or get off the pot and ban islam in there country

Tattoo Jim said...

Oh hell yeah! It's on now!

All you Allah lovers remember... Allah likes for you to bow towards Mecca and "yowl" and "yip" like a coyote!!
And keep your ass high up in the air! Big MO likes it that way...

Anonymous said...

Italy has the right idea. Islam is not recognised as a legitimate
Never forget, people are very brave on the internet or telephone.
Paul in Texas

Ramon said...

Damn, you are really wanting to get on that 'list' aren't you!

Will said...

They seem to be doin a pretty good job of kickin and killin their own asses but i'd still love to get ahold of one or two of 'em.