Friday, August 27, 2010

My contact info

Okay, folks have been wondering how to send the dog or ex-wife tittie pics in.
If you're sober enough, you can always go to my profile and hit the email button. That'll hook you up.
If you're fucked up and semi-incoherent (and it is Friday night, I understand) email your dog and tittie pics to
Fuck Obama, Allah and his messenger Mo.


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi W/C I sent you some! Lucy did the same ear thing like Charlie!

wirecutter said...

Thanks, Bunni. She is a cutie! I'll post them in the morning when I get in.

Skip said...

Fuck Ken I wanna play too.
No dog but the ol' lady gots a nice rack.
I'm workin' on sneakin' a flick but the fuckin' flash thingy busts me evertime, then I'm one biscuit short in the morning. Maybe if I throw a towel over her head...naw, I like my breakfast like it is.
Workin' on it.

Skip said...

Ken, you going to the gun blogger thing in Reno?
I'll be there on the 9th, 10th, and 11th.
Bringing my Savage 10 in .308, Kimber Gold Match, S&W 686, Ruger MK3, S&W 9mm and a shitload of ammo. Any and all can shoot my shit an' I'll buy dinner Saturday night.

longrooffan said...

Sorry man, the only dog in my life is my exwife and, sadly, no titty shots!