Thursday, August 12, 2010

Uh, no. You don't.

So who or what gave you these rights? If you are full blooded you might have a slight argument, but the simple truth of the matter is a huge majority of hispanics are mongrels just like us white folks.
And why, if you're so proud of your heritage, do you speak the language of your conquerors, the Spaniards?


Skip said...

If they want, they can try to kick honkies ass again. Be the same results, only faster.

Will said...

It'll be their continent after they pry it outta our cold dead hands.......Motherfuckers!

Rain said...

Interesting history lesson here folks. As the "Native Americans" populated the american continents after walking across the Bering land bridge from Russia waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, they moved south until they hit the really good hunting grounds. Further movement south, after that, was done by tribes running after having their lands taken by stronger tribes. Let that sink in. Got their asses kicked to Mexico and beyond by the North American Indian tribes. Got their asses kicked by the Spaniards, Got their asses kicked by Anglos, these "indigenous peoples" are only kept around because every time they lose, the victor has the humanity to not wipe them out. Just saying.

Shell said...

Let their dumb Mexican/"Native American" asses try to emigrate *South* and see what happens. Morons.