Monday, September 06, 2010

204 Ruger

Hey! Any of you fuckers shooting a 204?
I've noticed that even Les Johnson on Predator Quest ( has forsaken his 22-250 for either a 243 or a 204 depending on the country.
I was down to the BassPro the other day and checking out the ballistics and man, 4200 fps? 4200 fps? Yes, I said that twice on purpose. I'm shooting a 55 grain Hornady Vmax at 3700 fps and I've missed more coyotes because I'm shooting in front of 'em than I ever thought possible. Add another 500 fps and I think I'd be having to aim behind 'em at a dead run to connect.
What's the wind stability like? I'm thinking bad with that light a bullet.
And what about breech burn? How long before you have to re-barrel at 4200?
Help me out, folks.
I'm always up for a new hot rod, but damn I need to know if it's worth it.

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