Monday, October 11, 2010

Do a good deed today

Saw this article over at Cranky Chicks With Guns and asked if I could reprint it so the word would get around.
Please, if you could spare a couple of bucks to help these kind folks out......
Or maybe copy-n-paste this to an email or your own blog if you run one?
You can see what these people do at:
Give 'em a hand - send them a couple of bucks, spread the word, shoot a burglar.

Soldiers’ Angels Break-in, Vandalism: Time to Dig Deep

Posted October 11, 2010 by Sarah
TXGunGeek over at Gun Geek Rants published a call for donations; some piece of crap broke into Soldiers’ Angels down in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago, stealing electronics and vandalizing the building. Until I read that blog entry, I didn’t know anything about this at all.

The good news is that the human garbage was caught; the bad news is that he didn’t exactly have the stolen merchandise on him (and, of course, didn’t volunteer to repair the damage that he caused). Folks at SA are looking at having to eat costs associated with replacements and repairs, which is horrible because they weren’t the ones doing the wrong thing.
I don’t often ask y’all to do anything, especially when it involves money (because I don’t have much and feel like a turd for telling y’all that you should do something that I can’t/won’t do), but this time’s different. I was blessed this month with some freelance-writing income, so I’m nicely, respectfully asking y’all to consider doing the same thing that I just finished doing. This isn’t some sort of request for y’all to tell me what a wonderful person I am, either – I’m only letting you all know that I’m leading by example, which is the only proper way to go about doing most things in my opinion.
Should you want something nifty in exchange for your money, the Soldiers’ Angels store has a variety of merchandise. You can get something for yourself; have it sent to a specific service member if you have the mailing address; or let Soldiers’ Angels ship your purchase to a person of their choosing. You can send somebody in the service all sorts of cool stuff, including coffee. You can also order a Vet Pack, full of useful items for veterans in a VA hospital.
And to Charles Edward White, 42 years old and a career criminal: you’re a festering pile of suck and fail, not to mention a detriment to society. I hope that, the next time you attempt to commit a crime, somebody stops you – permanently. Either get with the program and straighten your life out or stop stealing decent folks’ air. Asshole.


Holger Awakens said...

Do you suppose we could arrange for a special sentence for the fuck that stole from Soldiers Angels? How about he gets dropped into a valley in Helmand province with the 1/2 Marines and is wearing a placard that says "I stole money and equipment from the gals at Soldiers Angels who have helped send you guys packages for years and years."

Could we please arrange for that?

wirecutter said...

I like the way you think.
Just added Patriots' Corner to my blogroll.

LC Aggie Sith said...

I'm on it, seeing as it's in my neck of the woods.

You may find the shitsucker will have a tough time around these parts....

Skip said...

Gave $250 so far this year. Hope I can do it every year.

wirecutter said...

You fucking rock, Skip.