Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Over the weekend I get a text from MY email address which I thought was funny seeing as I wasn't anywhere near a computer at the time and hadn't been all morning. When I open it I see just a link.
When I get home I have a dozen or so emails from friends wanting to know why I'm sending them links to Canadian drugs, namely viagra. What the hell?
I checked my sent folder and there's nothing there. Then I look in my inbox and bigger than shit, there's a message that I sent myself. I open it, see that it was also sent to everybody in my address book and it's just a link.
This isn't cool. I contact Norton Antivirus and they tell me that it's a Trojan Horse that somehow got in and they's already patched it. they advise me to run a scan, find it and eliminate it.
A quick scan turns up nothing. A full scan shows 1 "threat" so I sic Norton on it and kill it. End of problem.
Yeah right. Last night I got another text from me around midnight and I had been in bed since 9.
I got up, woke the computer up and then shut it down, hoping that would do some good until I could get in from work today.
So I got ready for work this morning, jumped in the truck and got 5 feet down the road before realizing I had a flat right front tire. FUCK!!!!
I crawled under the rear of the bed to drop my spare, punched it and saw that it was flat too. I started to fire up the compressor to air it up and thought "Fuck it. I'll get it changed, get halfway to work and it'll go flat again." So I pulled out my cell, called in broke down and went back into the house.
I drank another cup of coffee and checked my email. Yolo had written asking that that I take her out of my address book until I got the problem resolved. Yeah, that's a good idea. Not only did I remove her but after copying my contacts to a .doc, I eliminated my entire address book.
Another full scan showed nothing that needed my attention, yet I did get a text last night.
So today after I get my tire repaired/replaced, I'm going to try and figure this shit out. The thing is, I haven't installed any new programs, opened any weird emails, nor visited any new sites except a couple of blogs and a new coyote hunting forum, but those were supposedly scanned by Norton and I got no warnings that they may be unsafe.
Not a good start to my work week......


Sevesteen said...

A message 'from' you to everyone in your address book doesn't mean your computer sent it--it just means that some asshole spammer managed to get a copy of your address book. You would need to compare the full headers from the spam to a legit email from you to know for sure.

The part that sucks is if it is NOT coming from your computer, not a think you can do about it now.

Luv2hover said...

That happened to me recently & I changed my password. That seemed to work.
Good luck!

wirecutter said...

Thanks to both of you. For sure I'll change the password, check the headers when I have some more time.
I'd hate to cancel an email account I've had for 11 years now.

BillyBob said...

Norton Anti-Virus sucks ass. It's almost a virus itself. Not only that it is so bloated it will kill the performance of your computer.

But, like Sevesteen said, it may not even be a virus, but a p.o.s. spammer instead.

skeeter said...

Ah man, Obama is just after your ass! Hey, I got a pic I took in a town near me, I'll e mail it to you this week!

longrooffan said...

avastm kicks ass...I have not had a problem since installing it over 3 years ago...

Bret said...

If you go to avg as an anti virus method u will fix the problem. Norton is the one doing it to you. I had to get rid of Norton do to the fact they send out stuff to get you to upgrade.