Monday, November 22, 2010

Consider every scenario, Folks.

How many of you consider yourselves good with your handgun, be it revolver or automatic? Most of my shooting readers do, I'm sure.
How many of you are good with either hand to the point that you're comfortable carrying your handgun in a holster on either side?
I was lucky enough to break both of my hands 3 months apart as a youngster, plus I have a right handed pops who's partially blind in his right eye. Because of that, I can shoot a handgun equally well with either hand without even thinking about it. A rifle, not so well. But I'm working on it.
My point being is this: what do you do when you cop a round in your shooting arm, your husband or wife is depending on you and you don't know where your babies are?
Fuck, people. Spend a few extra bucks and practice drawing from, switching to and shooting from your off hand.
It's worth the expense.