Monday, November 08, 2010

For Warren

Warren ain't from around here and commented in the post below asking just what in the hell is a Carhartt?

A Carhartt is an asskicking tough coat. You can skin through briars, brambles and barbed wire without ripping it to shreds. I average about 4 winters per coat and I am hard on them. I wear them hunting, fishing, to work and damned near everywhere else too.
The only fault with them is they are hard to waterproof and that problem is now solved and discussed below.

Click on the link for a peek at my favorite style, Warren.


Ramon said...

Way back when I was farming (about 20 years back) I wore these also. Fall (30 degrees and lower) was time for the bib style & honest winter (-20 degrees and sometimes colder) was when the full zip up the front coverall style was needed.
Damn, I am glad that I am not doing that any more. Just to stinkin old. I am older than my dad ever was and older than my stepfather.....

Anonymous said...

This one here is mine. Never really needed waterproofing, it's so damned thick that unless I'm just being an idiot and standing out in the rain for hours on end I never get wet.

Anonymous said...

Figured it must have been something like that. Where I come from (NZ) there is a jacket/coat that anyone who goes bush has called a "Swanni". Made from felted wool its warm as toast and naturally waterproof but ugly as fark, definitly not a fashion statement.