Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hatin' life right now

Fuck, a 12 hour day with an hours' commute on each end of it. Okay, a 45 minute commute because I haul ass. But still.......
Not only that but I got a discipline letter because I called in Friday so I could go kill something, which I didn't.
Then I popped a circuit breaker when I was in the shower which killed the lights which caused me to drop my beer and spill it down the drain.
So I got out of the shower in the dark, dried off in the fucking dark, then slogged outside in the motherfucking dark half naked to reset the circuit breaker and promptly stepped in a pile of dogshit. WARM dogshit. I hate that fucking dog.
So, it's back in the shower and guess what? I forgot a fresh beer. I hate showering without beer. It's like riding in a crowded elevator and not being able to fart - you got where you wanted to go but you have that empty feeling when you get there.
I am going to bed and hide my head under the covers and drink beer. I'll let you know tomorrow what else went wrong tonight.