Friday, November 12, 2010

My exciting life

I actually had a 10 hour day today even though everybody else worked an hour OT. I think my boss Billy felt obligated to let me go because I covered his ass big when he fucked up royally first thing this morning.
I picked up an 18 pack and a shitload of fried chicken and planned on a quiet evening at home drinking and eating greasy bird, but within 10 minutes Mom texted that Grandma Millie died. She wasn't my granny, but my li'l nieces' grandmother. But I had known Grandma Millie for 30 years. She was also TJs' mom, TJ being the only one of my old crew left alive. Millie had fed me, hid me out and chewed my ass like I was born to her.
Then a cutie that I've been trying to - well, you know - for a couple of months calls me. She's at the cantina, fucked up, and MAY swing by in a bit for some "quiet" time. Myself, I was planning on some ass slapping, hair pulling, name screaming time but we can call it whatever she wants. But I ain't holding my breath on that one.
So what am I doing? Drinking beer and eating some Chicken Barn bird just like I planned.
Yeah, I am sorry that Millie died but she was 90 some-odd years old. No, I ain't planning on getting laid. I'm going to bed fairly early, getting up early and hunting coyotes, then headed to the BassPro for wool socks tomorrow afternoon.


rpm2day said...

Godspeed to Millie. Must have seen a lot of shit in her time. Let us know what the take is at Bass Pro tomorrow!

wirecutter said...

Oh God, don't even mention BassPros' take. I'm going after 50 bucks worth of socks, guaranteed to drop at leat $250.
Yeah, Millie was a Sweetie. I haven't seen her in years (long story) but thought about her often.
TJ's taking it hard. If you regular readers recall, he lost his daughter Terri a couple of months ago to breast cancer, and now his ma. It's a good thing he's a hard motherfucker but I still think he needs a barbecue and drunk.

Bella said...

A bbq and a few dozen beer might be the right idea for TJ. Sounds like he's been going through a tough time lately and it always helps to hang out with a buddy and a brewski. CGD too, of course. You might need it just as much. Take Care.