Wednesday, December 01, 2010

One week. Woo-hoo.

Fuck, I was commenting the other day that I accidentally hadn't drank for a few days, just an honest moment for a change. I'll never do that shit again.
I didn't realize that y'all was gonna get all touchy-feeley on me.
Seriously, go back and read the comments.
I've been getting some emails and even a phone call from a very concerned friend. The phone call counts even if it was TJ wanting to know if he could help break that streak. Most of the emails offered support and I do appreciate that. Well, I mean I would if I had actually come to a firm decision to quit.

I still ain't quite sure if it's the right time or reason to. For one thing, winter is a fucked up time to quit anything. It's nasty and cold and foggy outside and that alone is a great reason to stay inside and drink beer or wine or smoke that dope or whatever you're into. Plus, for normal folks, you got the party thing going on, you know. Lots of drunk happy fuckers stopping by bringing free beer. I myself don't have too much of a problem with that. When and if somebody stops by on any given month, usually the first words out of their mouths are "Got any cold beer, man?"
But the simple fact is that I am sitting here with a glass of Kool-aid (Calm the fuck down, Woody. Not that kind of Kool-aid) and not a beer.
Yeah, I'm kinda sorta cranky. Not stab-you-in-the-eyeball kind of cranky, just a little irritatable.
But I'm cool.

So yeah. I do appreciate the thoughts, the nice things you've said, the support. Hell I appreciate the fact that you took a moment out of your day to comment or email.
But please fucking quit it. It creeps me out.
You're trying to be all touchy-feeley with somebody that could really give a fuck less about life and the buttfucking it's going to eventually deal to all of us. Really, I don't take life too seriously, never have and will deal with it as it comes.
But I'm not new to this sober shit. I've quit several times and consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on the subject.
I've quit because of bleeding ulcers, I've quit because I was in the field for months at a time when I was in the Army, I usually quit if there's a hospital stay involved, I've quit when the money ran out and I've quit just because.
Periods of sobriety run from a week or so to one 20 year stretch. They average about a month.
So you can see why I ain't real excited over a week without beer.


Brian said...

No Dip
No Beer
Sleeves on your shirts

The Redneck Institute said turn in your card ASAP


wirecutter said...

I know. I'm turning into a puss, huh?

Bella said...

Well so much for support for you. Just fuck off, eh? ;)

orbitup said...
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Lula said...

I swear I heard this post in my head as I was reading the last one. :)

Deb said...

Yeah, what Bella said.

rpm2day said...

I'll be back when the conversation returns to shooting, hunting, firearms or CGD. Shit. And one "eh" for Bella.