Sunday, January 16, 2011

CharlieGodammits' day

Me and CharlieGodammit went to the dog park today so he could burn off a little energy. I could tell he needed it when I came home from shopping to a crater in my backyard and 3 garden hoses instead of the one I had when I left.
Anyways, when we get there Chrissie is there with her baby boy Brody. CGD and Brody are buddies and they haven't seen each other in quite a while so they get to romping around. Did I mention that Brody is the biggest fucking Doberman I have ever seen? And seriously, he's a big baby. It's funnier than shit to hear Chrissie telling him "I know you were raised by a woman, but you need to man up, motherfucker" whenever a big dog plays too rough with him and he comes running back to mama.
Anyways, him and Charlie play for an hour or so, then Chrissie and Brody take off. Shortly after that, a couple pull in with a little white Pomeranium, looking a little nervous with Charlie there, so I call him over while they come in. After they all calm down I turned Charlie loose and let him play with the Pom.
It was so fucking cool to watch Charlie who had just been rough-housing with a Dobie, out there playing real gentle with this furball that was 1/10th his size. I mean he was SO careful with this little dog it wasn't funny.
I seriously don't think I could've found a better dog if I had tried. He's got such a wonderful temperment around kids and other animals, but still protective over me and his home.
Matter of fact, he's over in the corner licking an Evil Cats' ass right now.
After I get him home, I headed to the store to get him some food. I had been feeding him 2 large cans of Alpo every day, one in the morning and one when I get home but that shit is starting to get a little expensive so I figured I'd try to get him to eat some dry dog food instead during the evening. Now last time I tried that shit he damned near starved himself, so I decided to trick him into it this time.
When I got home, I dumped some of the dry food in a bowl, then let him in. But instead of giving him a doggie treat, I gave him a couple chunks (not sure if it was kibbles or a bits) as a treat. He went for it, then noticed there was a whole bowl of the shit on the porch.
The only problem now is that instead of eating right there in the laundry room, the silly fucker will go to his dish, get one piece, bring it back to his rug, eat it, then get up and do it all over again, one piece at a time.
Hey, I said he had a great disposition, not that he was smart.
Now he's finished licking cat ass and wanting me to go to bed.

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