Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hanoi Jane gets her just desserts (without dinner)

The radio station America FM was doing one of its 'Is Anyone Listening?' bits this morning. The first question was, 'Ever have a celebrity come up with the 'Do you know who I am?' routine?'

A woman called in and said that a few years ago, while visiting her cattle rancher uncle in Billings, MT, she had occasion to go to dinner at a restaurant that does not take reservations The wait was about 45 minutes; many ranchers and their wives were waiting.

Ted Turner and his ex-wife Jane Fonda came in the restaurant and wanted a table. The hostess informed them that they'd have to wait 45 minutes.
Jane Fonda asked the hostess, 'Do you know who I am?' The hostess answered, 'Yes, but you'll have to wait 45 minutes.'
Then Jane asked if the manager was in. When the manager came out, he asked, 'May I help you?'
'Do you know who we are?' both Ted and Jane asked.
'Yes, but these folks have been waiting, and I can't put you ahead of them.'
Then Ted asked to speak to the owner. The owner came out, and Jane again asked, 'Do you know who I am?'
The owner answered, 'Yes, I do. Do you know who I am? I am the owner of this restaurant and I am a Vietnam Veteran. Not only will you not get a table ahead of my friends and neighbors who have been waiting here, but you also will not be eating in my restaurant tonight or any other night. Good bye.'

Only in America , is this a great country or what?

The name of the steak house is:
Sir Scott's Oasis Steakhouse,
204 W. Main
Manhattan, MT
 (406) 284-6929


drjim said...

If I ever get to that city, I'll be having dinner there!

Anonymous said...

Urban myth, first told decades ago. Not true according to the steakhouse.

Robert said...

True or Not?.....Either Way...Fuck You Jane!

wirecutter said...

Amen, Robert.

The Ranter said...

She was on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and normally I would have changed the channel, but he was too damn funny making fun of her.