Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Humbling my ass. You're an arrogant piece of shit.

CHICAGO – Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago on Tuesday, easily overwhelming five rivals to take the helm of the nation's third-largest city as it prepares to chart a new course without the retiring Richard M. Daley.
Emanuel trounced all opponents with 55 percent of the vote — a margin that allowed him to avoid an April runoff. He needed more than 50 percent to win outright.
It was the city's first mayoral race in more than 60 years without an incumbent on the ballot and the first in more than two decades without Daley among the candidates. Daley and his father have led Chicago for more than 43 out of the last 56 years.
Emanuel called the victory "humbling" and said the outgoing mayor had "earned a special place in our hearts and our history."

Chicago, you've been known for your crooked politics throughout the past two centuries and you had a chance to revolt using your ballot, make your voices heard, and break the cycle. Instead you just perpetuated the bullshit that's ruined your city.
I hope you suffer greatly for this, you fucking dumbasses.

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Tattoo Jim said...

They voted early and they voted often.... be careful of what you wish for Chicago, you just might get it...