Saturday, February 26, 2011

Know Your Enemy

Folks, I've added a new category to my sidebar called "Know Your Enemy" just above my blogrolls and it's for websites and blogs that are soley devoted to the spread of islam and the threat of creeping shari'a here in the US.
There were a couple of blogs that I included from my blogroll - Pam Gellers' "Atlas Shrugged" and Robert Spencers' "Jihad Watch" - but I will keep them in my blogroll for a couple more weeks until y'all get used to finding them in their new place.
A few words about the new additions:
Act for America is an organization that is dedicated to educating us about islam and what it really means.

Stop the Islamization Of America (SIOA) and Jihad Watch are written by Robert Spencer who is considered to be an authority on islam and it's threats to us as Americans. As a side note, SIOA just recently had the honor of being listed as a hate group by the pinko Southern Poverty Law Center for exposing islamic threats. How fucking cool is that?

Atlas Shrugs is written by Pam Geller, also a nationally known blogger (as well as a cutie) who has brought some serious fucking attention to the Ground Zero Mosque and is credited for the mass protests against it.

The Religion of Peace is only half of the name of the next blog. The rest of it is (and a big stack of dead bodies). It is a list of the atrocities and lies that muslims commit every day. Great articles and an up-to-date list of the bullshit that is carried out by this religion of peace.

Islam Watch? The name says it all.

The Opinionator describes itself better than I can - Straightforward talk along with unabashed and uncowed commentary on Worldwide News, radical Islam, Islamisation, Immigration, and current events with special attention given to USA and UK topics.

And last but not least:
Bare Naked Islam. This site is THE site to go to for straight-up researched shit about islam. It runs shit down in a way that even I can understand, sober or not. You want to know about what the koran says about fucking animals? About sexually abusing women and children, halil slaughtered meat, killing infidels, or anything else? This is the place to go. Lots of links but be careful where you go. If you click on beheadings, you get videos of beheadings. Same thing with the videos of halil meat.

Okay. These are sites I go to every motherfucking day and I hope you do too. I'll be adding to them so check back when you get a chance.
Have fun, kids.