Monday, February 21, 2011

Strong quake hits New Zealand, causing injuries

Folks, New Zealand provided a harbor, hospitality, and supported our Marines and Navy during WWII. We owe them a huge debt. Please, if you hear of any any relief efforts that you can help with, I beg that you do so.
Warren, please contact me via email when you can and let me know that you and yours are okay. If there's anything I can do, just let me know. PLEASE contact me.....

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – A powerful earthquake hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Tuesday, collapsing buildings, burying vehicles under debris and sending rescuers scrambling to help trapped people amid reports of multiple deaths.
Police said they were trying to confirm the early reports of multiple fatalities from the 6.3-magnitude quake, the second major temblor to strike the city since last September, while Prime Minister John Key told Parliament details still were too shaky to confirm deaths.