Friday, March 25, 2011

Any questions?

All my life I've tried to conform to other folks' standards, I've tried to please those around me, I've tried to be somewhat respectable.
I've failed miserably. Seriously, I have.
I can't tell you the shit that I've failed at and I can't tell you the folks that take every motherfucking opportunity to tell me so, not that I give a good goddamn, you motherfuckers.
I've failed at the only marriage I attempted, more relationships that I care to remember, and more hunting seasons that I can count.
But you know what?
I've realized that I could personally give a flying fuck less what anybody thinks about me.
I could lose my job tomorrow and I'll survive. It'll be hard but I'll make it.
Lose my house? No biggie.
Friends? Those that are true will hang no matter what. If they don't, fuck 'em. The only friend I had that I could seriously trust with my life fucked me when I really needed him. I'll never depend on him again.
Seriously. I'm my own man. I'll live the best I can, I'll do what I have to, and I answer to no motherfucker.
Survival, you know?