Monday, March 14, 2011

I ain't a union thug

So will all you motherfuckers please differentiate the difference between public and private sector unions before you start talking shit about Union Thugs?
The only person that I have make a difference between the two was the good ol' boy at Green Mountain Homesteading. Everybody else lumps all union members in the same mold.
We ain't.
I'm a union member and have been all my adult life, first Machinists and then Teamsters. And I'm so fucking conservative that I think Rush is a whiney liberal pussy.
While I do appreciate the fact that I make a good wage and have decent health benefits because of collective bargaining through my union, I do not agree (even a little bit) with my locals' political leanings, nor do I follow their voting "guidelines". Matter of fact, it's a great guideline for me to not follow - when I get it in the mail I study who or what to NOT vote for.
I was over at my folks house the other day and my dumbass California Girl niece started quizzing me about shit she heard on Fox News - shit like was I union thug and did I work for the Teamsters. I could not convince her (again, California Girl niece) that while I belonged to the Teamsters, I did not work for them and no, I was not a union thug by any means.
So will you please let folks know there is a difference? Some of us have to actually belong to a union in order to work at a particular job site. Just because we're there doesn't mean we agree with the politics.