Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm thinking he's had enough

YouTube has already pulled this video so if you want to post it you better get it here from this player.
If you can't view it on this blog, here's the link that Craig sent in:

Thanks to Craig for sending this in.


JeffH said...

Hahahaha! Always nice to see the bully get his ass kicked once in a while.

Ironmonkey said...

Apparently, the small kid's (the bully, the agressor) mother is demanding an apology. the vid has gone worldwide, and he looks stupid.
Here's one.
I'm sorry your kid's a little cunt.
I'm sorry you're a lousy parent, that raises their kid to be a little cunt.
I'm sorry you're so stupid you would publicly demand an apology for your kid getting what he had coming.
I'm sorry you're rampant stupidity is hereditary, and you're stupid kid picked on someone twice his size.

How's that for an apology?

Anonymous said...

Some people just gotta learn the hard way.

drjim said...

The little shit deserved it!

Anonymous said...

The big kid showed a lot of restraint. Reminds me of the video of the vet on the bus with the punk. I am glad to see them stand up for themselves.

As for the mother demanding an apology... to bad someone can't body slam her too.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


wirecutter said...

I just played it, Peter. It's working okay but I did add a link where I saw it. It's on the post just above the video, you'll have to cut-n-paste it to your browser.

Tom said...


Niki said...

Bet he doesn't try that again any time soon.

wirecutter said...

Unfortunately, the big kid will probably end up being a bully himself once he grows up. He's just realized that he doesn't have to take shit anymore, now he can hand it out.
Not his fault, it's just human nature. I hope I'm wrong.

YOLO said...

Ironmonkey... I totally agree with your comment, and someone should knock that mother around for no reason whatsoever and see how demanding she gets then!

Deb said...

The mother of the little dweeb who thinks he's Ali wants an apology?

That in and of itself explains everything.

Niki said...

Like I always say, "Slap the mother and the kid will straighten right up."