Saturday, March 05, 2011

Judge refuses mans' guilty plea

MANTECA — A man accused of driving more than 40 miles at speeds of up to 100 mph with his wife clinging to the hood of their minivan admitted he was guilty, but the judge refused to accept his plea.
"I did that to my wife. I did all of that to my wife. I'm guilty," Christopher Michael Carroll, 36, said in San Joaquin County Superior Court on Thursday.
Carroll was charged with attempted murder, corporal injury to a spouse and assault with a deadly weapon in the bizarre case that has captured worldwide attention.
Carroll also told the court that he wants to be his own attorney. Judge Ronald Northup did not accept his plea, however. The case has been transferred to the Stockton courthouse and Carroll will appear there Tuesday for further arraignment.


I read about this shit earlier and didn't pay much attention to it so I really don't know all the details but basically what I got was the man and his wife were arguing, he had enough and tried to leave and she jumped on the hood to stop him. Instead of doing the right thing, though, and slamming on the brakes and rolling her dumb ass into the street and then leaving, he fucked up and left anyways - with her on the hood.

But after he sobers up and calms down he goes to court and mans up and admits he was wrong to the liberal judge and is ready to take his medicine.
But wait! The judge, who apparently hasn't read a newspaper in a few years and doesn't know that Kalifornia as well as the Federal Government is up to their collective asses in debt decided to not accept the plea (what the fuck?) and kicks the case on up the line for further arraignment (another WTF?) which just costs me and you another few thousand bucks.
Hopefully, the judge on Tuesday will accept his plea, hand him his sentence and thank him for saving us the cost of a trial even though he could probably beat the attempted murder charge with a decent attorney.

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