Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More emotions, less facts......

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, the 30th anniversary of the day that a would-be assassin wounded President Ronald Reagan and Jim Brady, the gun control advocate was asked how he's different today.
"Not being the same person that I was," Reagan's former press secretary said, speaking from his wheelchair as his wife, Sarah, held a microphone. "I used to be a track person. No more."
"I'm not going to run away from this," Brady said, beginning a daylong effort to renew his campaign for curbs on guns. The Bradys spent Wednesday visiting members of Congress, continuing their decades-long gun-control crusade.
Once again, however, chances are they won't get very far.
For the full article go to: Fuck the Brady Campaign


And that's because your whole organization is based on emotion instead of facts. It was a personal tragedy for you and for that, you have my sympathy, but please take your rhetoric and media views elsewhere. They have no place in Congress or the House where only facts should prevail.

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