Sunday, March 13, 2011

SF Residents Learn To Co-exist With Coyotes

SAN FRANCISCO -- Coyotes are an increasingly visible fact of life in many San Francisco neighborhoods, often straying beyond protected parkland and inspiring both awe and fear in residents.
Wildlife researchers estimate that about a dozen coyotes make their home in the country's second-most densely populated major city, which is surrounded on three sides by water. The first sighting in decades was reported in 2001.
The city's Animal Care and Control agency says reports of coyote attacks on humans are virtually nonexistent, but they have been known to chase unleashed dogs and prey upon the occasional cat.
The animals have made some enemies - mainly those who view them as a hazard to pets and children.
But advocates say coyotes are misunderstood creatures that add a thrilling taste of the wild to the urban landscape.


And what are you gonna do when that so-called dozen turn into several dozen and then hundreds and all your liberal neighbors that won't allow guns or even air rifles in your fair city protest against DFG trappers?
Better watch the kiddies, coyotes can and do attack humans, especially little humans. Ask your brethren down in LA.