Friday, April 22, 2011

And why weren't the Obamas invited to the Royal Wedding?

From the London Daily Telegraph's Editor on Foreign Relations

"Let me be clear: I'm not normally in favor of boycotts, and I love the American people. I holiday in their country regularly, and hate the tedious snobby sneers against the United States. But the American people chose to elect an idiot who seems hell bent on insulting their allies, and something must be done to stop Obama's reckless foreign policy, before he does the dirty on his allies on every issue."
One of the most poorly kept secrets in Washington is President Obama's animosity toward Great Britain, presumably because of what he regards as its sins while ruling Kenya (1895-1963).
One of Barack Hussein Obama's first acts as president was to return to Britain a bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office since 9/11. He followed this up by denying Prime Minister Gordon Brown, on his first state visit, the usual joint press conference with flags.
The president was "too tired" to grant the leader of America's closest ally a proper welcome, his aides told British journalists.
Mr. Obama followed this up with cheesy gifts for Mr. Brown and the Queen. Columnist Ian Martin described his behavior as "rudeness personified." There was more rudeness in store for Mr. Brown at the opening session of the United Nations in September. "The prime minister was forced to dash through the kitchens of the UN in New York to secure five minutes of face time with President Obama after five requests for a sit down meeting were rejected by the White House," said London Telegraph columnist David Hughes. Mr. Obama's "churlishness is unforgivable," Mr. Hughes said.
The administration went beyond snubs and slights last week when Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, endorsed the demand of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, a Hugo Chavez ally, for mediation of Argentina's specious claim to the Falkland Islands, a British dependency since 1833. The people who live in the Falklands, who speak English, want nothing to do with Argentina. When, in 1982, an earlier Argentine dictatorship tried to seize the Falklands by force, the British -- with strong support from President Ronald Reagan -- expelled them.
"It is truly shocking that Barack Obama has decided to disregard our shared history," wrote Telegraph columnist Toby Young. "Does Britain's friendship really mean so little to him?" One could ask, does the friendship of anyone in the entire world mean anything to him?
"I recently asked several senior administration officials, separately, to name a foreign leader with whom Barack Obama has forged a strong personal relationship during his first year in office," wrote Jackson Diehl, Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the Washington Post, on Monday." A lot of hemming and hawing ensued." One official named French President Nicolas Sarkozy, but his contempt for Mr. Obama is an open secret. Another named German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But, said Mr. Diehl, "Merkel too has been conspicuously cool toward Obama."
Mr. Obama certainly doesn't care about the Poles and Czechs, whom he has betrayed on missile defense. Honduras and Israel also can attest that he's been an unreliable ally and an unfaithful friend. Ironically, our relations with both Israel and the Palestinian Authority have never been worse. Russia has offered nothing in exchange for Mr. Obama's abandonment of missile defense. Russia and China won't support serious sanctions on Iran. Syria's support for terrorism has not diminished despite efforts to normalize diplomatic relations. The reclusive military dictatorship that runs Burma has responded to our efforts at "engagement" by deepening its ties to North Korea. And the Chinese make little effort to disguise their contempt for him.
For the first time in a long time, the President of the United States is actually distrusted by its allies and not in the least feared by its adversaries. Nor is Mr. Obama now respected by the majority of Americans. Understandably focused on the dismal economy and Mr. Obama's relentless efforts to nationalize and socialize health care, Americans apparently have yet to notice his dismal performance and lack of respect in the world community. They soon will.


MrG's said...

I am going to cut and paste this to my blog, great article;) and of course you get the link. This thing is soo true, I cannot believe how the messiah has crapped on all of Americans traditional allies, I keep thinking that elections have consequences and thanks to 53% of the population, we got to put up with this American hating asshole in office.

Anonymous said...

Among my past lives, at one time I was a USAF SECURITY SPECIALIST(MP 81150 AFSC)stationed at RAFB Bentwaters/Woodbridge near IPSWICH.(78-80). Nuclear weapons galore at both bases. Nuclear Weapons Storage Area(NWSA),of which, I was a very heavily armed guard. Does anyone remember the History Channel show about a UFO that touched down in the woods right outside the NWSA? The Deputy Base Commander responded to the incident, he investigated, recorded evidence, reported to higher command, as was his duty.
Was then effectively removed from promotion progression, and he subsequently retired. You got some weird friends, WIRECUTTER!

tha malcontent said...

Thanks for the Hat Tip Wirecutter . You do a great job here, I have to come here more often

Anonymous said...

As usual, you're an idiot.

wirecutter said...

Hey, I didn't write the article, fuckhead.
And sorry, but I don't believe everything that 2 people (snopes) writes.

wirecutter said...

Regardless of who the article is attributed to, there ain't a thing in there that isn't true.
If you don't like what you read here, go somewhere else like soulstraws' blog.
Fucking coward that won't use his name or link...... mutter, mutter....

Smoking Hot said...

To be honest, virtually everyone in the the United Kingdom ignored Gordon Brown too. No-one voted for him as Prime Minister of the UK. The term Prime Mentalist soon followed.

Tom said...

Just saw this on the AP wire:

"David Beckham, Elton John and Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson will mingle with dozens of royal guests at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, according to an official guest list released Saturday..."

Mr. Bean, but not Obummer... God love the British!!