Friday, April 08, 2011

Cutting back on food again

I filled up last night before I got home and the price of gas had a chance to go up any more, then when I was running errands today I filled up again to replace the gas I burned last night only to find that it had risen 8 cents overnight.
No shit, it cost me 55 bucks for my tank and a gallon for my chainsaw can. Yup, 55 bucks for 13 and a half gallons at $4.07 a gallon. I have spent 70 bucks on gas in 2 days and that's just for 1 week.
Hey, Obama. Don't you think it's time to open up drilling here before you start talking shit again about lessening our dependency on foreign imports?
Fucking punk.......


Tattoo Jim said...

You'll have to speak up Ken... I think he's probably on vacation somewhere or on the golf course... must keep up appearances while the country goes to shit...

SIEMENS INT"L ! said...

Fuck you you little man, the president has spoken, you need to buy a VOLT and get with the PROGRAM!

Skip said...

Took a cruise to Texas and back [CA] in my F-250, 6.0 diesel.
Averaged 16-17 mpg.
3600 miles cost me just shy of a grand in fuel.
Fuck Obama.

Dr Dan Holdsworth said...

Come on over to the Peoples' Republic of Britain if you fancy seeing high gas prices. Right now, price of a US gallon of unleaded here stands at (translated prices, etc) $8.08, and diesel is more like $8.20 a gallon.

Granted what I drive regularly returns about 45 miles to the gallon, driving at motorway speed (70 MPH) most of the time, but that's still way too high for my liking.

The root cause here is the British variant on Socialism, which gets voted in every so often, and when voted in basically has a party borrowing and taxing and pissing it up the wall until the coffers are empty, whereupon the electorate come to their senses, boot the scum out again and go back to work.