Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I needed to run a lap or two anyways

Me and my buddy Rick Marshall was bullshitting at the water cooler yesterday when Donnie D jammed by on his forklift. When he saw me and Rick, he started doing his weird-ass DD bullshit, making faces and trying to rap.
Now, Rick had gotten Double D the job out there because Donnie was dating Ricks' daughter at the time, about 10-12 years ago.
Rick turns to me and says "Man, I still can't believe that little bastard used to climb through my daughters' window after I was in bed to spend the night with her."
I just washed down a Motrin and grunted.
Then he shakes his head and says "I'm just grateful he never got my little babygirl pregnant."
And then I did one of those "open my mouth before I think" things.
"Yeah. Lucky for you he was fucking her in the ass, huh?"
Hey, for a big boy, Rick can move pretty goddamn fast. I barely got away.

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