Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My redneckin' life.

I gotta tell you, I love the redneck life.
Man, I was seriously into it back in the late 80s, then I got married and had to give it up for a while. Divorced after 16 years and fell back into it and I love it even more now.
I look forward to the day Sonora Pass opens after a long winter more than I ever looked forward to Christmas as a kid.
The day high country trout season opens? That's an automatic sick day for me.
My dining room table has too much gun shit on it to even consider eating there.
I practice coyote calls going down the road.
When I go hunting after a long abstinence, I have to pull off the road early just to burn off a few rounds and get it out of my system before getting to where I'm going to hunt.
Catching bass? Oh, my my, Oh hell yeah.
Catfish? Love catching big cats, love deep frying them, love smoking them. Cats are a gift from God.
BATs? I love catching Big Ass Trout. I will gladly trade a season of catching little trout for one 5+ pounder a year.
Predator hunting is my true love and devotion. I will travel 200 miles one way just to smack a coyote. I'm planning a trip to New Mexico this fall just to burn some ammo in their direction and if I don't get one, oh well.
And you know what I really love? Just getting my ass out of the flatlands and up to my beloved mountains. I don't care if I hunt or fish, I just want to breathe air that ain't been breathed before, sleeping above the treeline, hear the wind moan, smell the lightning striking the granite 50 yards away and wake up in the middle of the night wondering What in the fuck was THAT?????
And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.