Tuesday, May 03, 2011


You know, I just went over 19 years at my job a couple of weeks ago and I gotta tell you, I can't believe I've lasted that long at a job I really dislike.
Granted, my workplace and working conditions have greatly improved over the years but still, 19 years? Oh well, only another 4 years and I have the option to retire with half my pension (thanks to my ex) and move on to something else, although I doubt that's gonna happen.
Maybe I can move out of Kalifornia to some poverty stricken area where I can live on that and whatever minimum wage job I can find. I don't need much, just a roof over my head, food and beer in my belly and the occasional coyote to entertain. CGD can pretty much fend for himself as long as he's got something slower than himself to kill, so that's not a big worry.
It still pisses me off though - work my ass off all my life only to have my ex take half my retirement after her laying on her ass half our marriage, refusing to work. Her big excuse was if she worked we'd have to pay in to the IRS at tax time - no shit, she was willing to give up a monthly income because she was afraid we'd pay in instead of getting our usual small refund. But it didn't stop her from insisting on our monthly trips to the fucking Bay Area or twice yearly trips to Reno so she'd be entertained.
And I'm sure she'll read this, but she can bite me - the $100,000 it cost me to get rid of her ass was worth every penny.
Yeah, I'm fucking tired and cranky tonight. Even CGD is keeping his distance from me - he's laying at the door snarling at the assholes across the street. He's starting to get on my nerves with that and I'd kick his ass if I thought I could get away with it. With my luck though, he'd bite the fuck out of me and I'd lose time at work.
Enough sniveling. I'm going to bed.