Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GOP runners

I gotta tell you, I'm not following the presidential race so far - it's way too early to even think about a decision as to who I'm going to support but I have to say a couple of things about 2 of the GOP candidates.
Donald Trump - you're a fucking joke. True, you've got a huge fortune and you obviously know how to balance a budget and manage money, but you're notoriously anti-military, you have a reputation for financial ruthlessness (think eminent domain here, asshole) and your hairpiece is fucking ridiculous.
Newt Gringrich - nobody takes you serious either. If you were to by-some off-the-wall chance win the primary, you'd be handing Obama a victory. Fuck off.

Seriously. I think of all the candidates so far, Herman Cain is my choice. But if LTC Allen West were to throw his hat in the ring, he'd have my vote hands down. He understands that a strong military is essential, he obviously has organizational skills (keeping a military unit in beans & bullets AND earning their respect is no easy task) and above all, he has some fucking balls.
But what do I know, I'm just a dumbass redneck........


MrG's said...

I tend to agree, Trump is enertainment. Kinda like Perot. I do like Newt, he is brilliant, but his baggage makes him unelectable. if he by some chance get the GOP nod, Obummer will be reelected. I hate to say this for I will sound bigoted but to beat obummer, the GOP will have to run Herman Cain or Colonel West and a female that isn't Palin, We have to get new blood, not the reruns from 08.

wirecutter said...

Michelle Bachmann has promise, but I don't know..... her main thing is overturning obamacare and while I agree that needs to be done, we also have other issues at hand. Major motherfucking issues and I haven't really studied her enough to make an educated opinion.

Skip said...

Cain and West would be a hell of a ticket.
The Dims would play hell yelling racist and West as head of the Senate we could get some housecleaning done.

Tom said...

Herman Cain. I really hate the established, professionally handled, politicians like Romney, McCain, etc.

orbitup said...

You are a redneck and a racist! Oh wait... you just said you wanted 2 black guys to win. Never mind.