Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mile Hi's Dingo, Roscoe chewing on some kindling wood.

I've known Mile Hi for damned near 20 years now, helluva great guy.
When I lived in Riverbank City of Action, I used to shop at his folks' store in the next town north because of the down home service they provided. I tripped when he later told me they were the owners.
I don't know if his brother still owns the place but I've bought my fish from Jonathans' Fish Market for years just because it was his family. Same kind of service, you know?
Me and Mile Hi used to rideshare to work a few years back. It didn't last too long - I still laugh about the day he came up and told me that it was done and over - "Because you're a fucking asshole, dude."
Gotta appreciate his honesty, you know?
And you gotta love a motherfucker that lets his dingo chew on sticks in the house......


Mile Hi said...

roscoe's sayin, "sticks. mmmmmmm, sticks.

Mile Hi said...

brother still owns jonathans. store on staniford doin well. the one on oakdale road is on life support. he sold it in 2009 to a kid who worked for him for years. my brother held the note. the kid missed a couple of payments in 2010 so brother took it back and told kid to kick fuckin rocks. the dumb fuck ruined the name on the east side of town. the place was a dump. smelled like death inside. took 6 months and 100 gallons of bleach and pinesol to clean that pigsty. him and his "friends" were sellin "fruit salad"(weed) in there too. so the public saw all the riff raff and that smell of roadkill made THEM kick rocks. more to it. beer conversation.

wirecutter said...

The Standiford shop is the one I trade at. Never knew there was one on Oakdale, just as well.
Sorry to hear about those problems.