Sunday, June 19, 2011

I know, I'm getting soft.

Hey, I had a great weekend all in all. Got some repairs done on the truck Friday AM, then my Sweetie stopped by later that morning and ended up staying until a few hours ago. Yesterday we threw some shit in the truck and went for a wander - ended up putting a couple of hundred miles on the truck just fucking around - I wanted to show her some of my favorite places with a side trip to Columbia State Park for herself. So I took her all over the Southern Mines area in the Mother Lode, down all kinds of twisty narrow fucking canyon roads and she was actually interested in my mini history lessons.

I really like this girl. Me and Lisa both have a lot in common as far as upbringing (she's an Army Brat too), she hates crowds and big cities, and we're close to the same age, me being a few years older.
She's never shot but is willing and wanting to learn, likes to fish, doesn't mind if I hunt or disappear for a day or 3 and has a fantastic sense of humor. Plus she plays a mean game of backgammon. Oh boy, does she play a mean game of backgammon.......
Her politics are more middle of the road than mine (fuck, Rush Limbaughs' politics are more middle of the road than mine), but she admires the fact that I stand up and am willing to fight for what I believe. She's never said a word about the Git Kit (bug-out bag, GOOD bag, whatever you want to call it) in the living room other than to ask what it was and what was in it. Of course then I had to explain why I had it packed and that it was to stay packed and where it was and she didn't roll her eyes TOO much.

What I really like about her is she told me right out the gate two things: she wanted to take things slow and she needed her alone time.
A woman after my own heart.
I mentioned yesterday that I had a vacation coming up in 3 weeks and she asked "Gonna go hunt for a few days?" Not "What are WE going to do?" but if I was going to hunt. And when I told her I had planned on a two or three day hunt, she just nodded and smiled.

Now her faults:
She wants to wait on me in my own house. I ain't used to that shit - a guest is a guest - but she's the kind of girl that believes in pleasing her man. That's going to take some getting used to.
CharlieGodammit is SO fucking in love with her, it ain't even funny. Let me put it this way: I've had CGD for about 18 months and my mother has been over about a dozen times in that period, yet she can't walk up the sidewalk without him beating himself bloody against the security door trying to kill her. Once she's in the house it's all good and he'll love on her, but when she approaches, she's a fucking intruder.
Lisa, on the other hand, got a welcoming bark and a tail wag the second time she came over. I should've known then that I was in trouble.
And when she leaves, that sorry-ass Wolfdog mopes and whines for days. Seriously. He will lay his head on the couch and snivel like a baby.
I can't believe it. I have lost my pet wolf to her......
And she does find it peculiar that I worship the Pig as much as I do - she laughed when she saw bacon mayo and salt - but she'll get used to that. She better.........

So I think that even as early as we're into it,this is my first serious relationship since my divorce, and folks, I honestly believe, given my feelings about her, that I need to put some honest effort into making this work. I think it could turn out to be something I never had.

Yeah, I know. Next thing I know, y'all are gonna be accusing me of having a house decorated with flowers and paintings and shit instead of barbed wire, I'm going to Gay Pride parades, I'll be driving a Prius, and having that bitch Cindy Sheehan over for dinner.

Fuck Obama.


Anonymous said...

Getting Soft? hmmm didn't notice that! But thanks for letting me know Dick!

This is obviously a response to your blog post, dated today...let us just assume that I could not help myself! I will try to align my responses to match your post, although I am hoping that upon reading, you will not naturally think "Listen, you stupid motherfucker...." more than once! : )

I am guilty, I must admit that I enjoy our "wanderings" as well as the history that you provide about the places....and to throw in stories of previous visits with the mushrooms...I am thoroughly entertained and edumacated...: P I thank you for your time!

I am also guilty and must admit, that I like the Master of this blog....we have much in common, and yet, there are sooo many things I am curious to experience with him. Yes, everyone reading this may, with my blessing use your imagination here....just be kind, although that may not be the "right" thing to do! I find his intellect, humor and experiences arousing...he is like a drug...and yes I want another cookie! I will have to continue to school him in backgammon....I first wondered if he was humoring me...but really got to know when to hold it is what it is!

Baby, everyday with him is a, I encourage him to hunt, to camp, to shoot his guns and listen to the piano play...because when he
returns, I will get to hear more stories, that will make me smile, and laugh out loud. Being free is important to me, yes it is....being able to spread ones wings and breath deeply is pure joy, I must do it myself. I think that it's crucial to have different interests and talents, it allows us to be apart and come back together and share more with one another...winner winner....Bacon Dinner!

Now as to faults....A man is a man, a woman is a a woman, it is nice to serve my man, I get pleasure from it, so Dick, become accustomed to it...I do only what I want to do. When we are together, I feel like a woman, a happy one, therefor, it is natural for me to want to elevate and care for him. The things I have done are simple, but the intent is strong. I hope he adjusts accordingly, or his britches may become too tight!

I just love Charliegoddammit! What else is there to say? Master Blogger please don't take him to the pound!!!

I am trying to decide if I want to use bacon grease as my parfume.....imagine the possibilities....Boom Boom Bacon...that is what I will call it!

So, I think, as early as we are into first serious relationship after my divorce three years ago....I am honestly diggin this dude! His strength, physically, mentally, morally is completely intoxicating...a strong man, a true man, a good man!

I promise to never ask him to attend a gay pride parade...because frankly, I am not going to SF to attend one....forget about it! A Prius darling....I don't recycle so you are safe there! And last but not least...who the fuck is Cindy Sheehan...any relation to Charlie Sheenhan?

I don't want to fuck Obama...but Bush got a chance without being lets let Obama have one too....a chance that is!

Sweet dreams Dick!


wirecutter said...

Fuck, my brain just got twisted so all I've got to say is:
Yeah. What she said.

Calling me Dick.... Heh heh. Never mind, ya pigs.
Speaking of pigs, if she starts rubbing herself with bacon grease I may have to build a Justice Shed for her.

If she don't know who Cindy Sheehan is, she just scored MAJOR points in my book......

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, now he's talkin....Justice Shed? Hmmmm, wonder if he will tell me to assume the position? Nice!...NOW who is scoring major points....YUM! May I have another cookie please? : P

wirecutter said...

Uh-oh, I may have bitten off more cookie than I can chew.....

PatriotUSA said...

Naw, I think this is a right pretty thing for the both of ya's. You will get it figured out and just don't go all goo goo mushy on us. I will worry a bit if'n If read or hear of you two wearing tye dyed hippie threads, eating tofu(it is good breaded and fried in bacon grease!) an doing anything but running a stinking Prius off the road

Been married 23 years to the same gal who knows I have to fish, shoot
critters, vermin, trespassers on our property(I wish), you get the picture.

Enjoy each other and your time alone. Both will build bonds that will weather any storm that life may toss at ya.

Don't spoil CGD too much. Hate to see a great dog get all spolied and foo foo'd up.

dhanna59 said...

Geez Loueez,
And you didn't even say anything critical of his gnarly-ass toe those things are disgusting!

Deb said...

If I ever catch wind you attended a gay rights parade after driving your Prius to Cindy Sheehan's for dinner, I will drive the bazillion miles out to the Land of Fruits and Nuts and beat you senseless. I am figuring Lisa would be glad to help me.

You have a good man, there Lisa...but you already know that. Any problems with Dick, just post them and we'll take care of them for ya, though I have a feeling you can handle things all by yourself.

Skip said...

Good on you two.
When ya got a partner who laughs at your lameass jokes, got your back when it gets tight, can sic the dog same as you, you two may have found keepers.

Tattoo Jim said...

Only one thing I can say...... Dayum Kenny!!!!!!!!!!!! Go for the gusto man!!!!

Bella said...

Best of luck, sweet dreams and don't sweat the small stuff. Fuck it, life can be short...just enjoy it!

wirecutter said...

You can tell I spent a lot of time in boots, huh?

Lisa said...

Hmmm, Toenails ....its ok Dick....I can do a mean mani/pedi....interested? I even have this sweet peach polish.....and no one will ever know!

Thanks for all the well wishes ya'all! Deb, I will keep your offer in mind! : )

rpm2day said...

Mine went from "Why did you buy a gun?" (my first of many) to telling her family and friends and I heard it again this weekend, "I'm sticking with this fucker when the shit goes down". Life is short, give her your love, and space,too. Just remember each and every one is wired for crazy once in a while. Whoops, so are we guys!

YOLO said...

Ohhh i like this gal!! Kenny, keep your head out of your ass and hang onto this one, she may knock some sense into you yet! seriously, good luck, enjoy it for as long as it lasts which i hope, and think, will turn out to be a long time.