Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My thinking EXACTLY

Some of us have been saying something like this for a long time. Others have been debating us, saying that the single ragged hole is the way to go. But for the most part none of us saying either way have been "recognized experts" in the matter.
Now along comes one of those "recognized experts" and says what what some of us have been saying.
Are we now vindicated?
Do we really care about being vindicated?
Will this change the way some of the folks in the "single ragged hole" camp see and teach defensive shooting?
Of the three questions, my thought is that only the last one is of concern to/for me.
Anyhow, I thought you might be interested.
I never have been one of the group that thinks that one ragged hole is the way to go.
Sure, it proves the accuracy of your pistol or revolver and for specialty groups such as Delta, HRT teams etc where tight accurate groups are required and innocent lives may depend on it, that's fine and dandy. For me and you that might need to fire under stress that we can't practice on a daily basis, not so fine.
All I require of myself and my firearm is a paper-plate sized group at 20 feet (the maximum sized distance from any point in my house to the maximum distance from any doorway) in a hurry.
ONE of those hits will result in a disabling or killing shot.
Read the article and think about it.
-Thanks to Skidmark for this link and his comments above mine.