Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Packs and shit

I never have been a survivalist per se and never saw the need to become a prepper until the past few months but being into the hunting, shooting, reloading and camping shit I was brought up with, I've had all the gear necessary to survive for a week or three or four but I really never kept it together in one place ready to grab and run.
But with politics and the economy being what they are nowadays (not to mention natural or man-made disasters) I got to thinking about things and have been buying a little at a time and put together a "git kit", something that will keep my fat Okie ass going for a while.
I've scored a medium ALICE pack, an Austrian (I think) ruck and of course I had my civilian backpack that I got 25 years ago. But each has their drawbacks. The Austrian ruck is made of canvas and is fairly quiet in the brush and very durable but it's just a bit too small for the shit I want to carry and there's no frame. The ALICE has a frame and is large enough, but I broke my back in my 20s and never found out for years and there's a small hump below my shoulder blades that the frame rubs against. My civilian pack has a frame but is way too lightweight to last. Besides, it's a bright blue.
The other day I was prowling through my garage and ran across a pack that I bought to carry for overnight coyote hunts and tossed aside when I realized it was way bigger than what I bought it for.
The motherfucker is perfect. It has 4 outside pockets for shit I need in a hurry, a roomy interior, an interior frame, is camouflaged (Realtree), rugged, sits well on my back, waterproof, and best of all cost me about 30 bucks at Big 5 Sporting Goods.
No shit.

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