Thursday, June 23, 2011

Will I see you there, Big Boy?

My employer donates stuff every day for community events and todays' lucky recipiant was the gay pride parade in San Fransicko.
They were given 11 pallets of bottled water and - I shit you not - a pallet of hand sanitizer.
A pallet of hand sanitizer for the gay pride parade........

Then my boss told me to haul it halfway across a crowded warehouse and gave me a handful of placards to display on all four sides before I put them in their slots.
Rather than wait until I slotted them before labeling them, I labeled them first and took the long way to where they needed to be. Now my warehouse is just under a million square feet and I covered every fucking inch of that warehouse, giving everybody a good laugh at me and something smart to say, a little break in the boredom.
By the time I got back to the office to tell my boss I was done, there were guys in there I didn't even see during my wanderings laughing and wondering if I was going to wear some Daisy Dukes and my cowboy boots to the parade.
Hey, as long as I can bring my bullwhip.......