Saturday, July 09, 2011

Changes, changes, changes.....

I made a few changes today - nothing earth-shattering - but it might make it easier for y'all to get around the blogroll.

I deleted 10 blogs that haven't been updated in a few months and then rigged it so that instead of displaying God knows how many blogs, it only shows the 25 most recently updated. If you don't see your favorite, the rest can still be seen by clicking the 'See All' button on the bottom.
I'm wanting to divide the blogroll up between professional bloggers and pissed off ordinary citizens, but that's going to take more time than I have right now.

I also added a blogroll for Survivalists, Preppers and Three Percenters. I read these every time they post, but I got tired of looking for them in my blogroll so now they have their own spot. They can be found above my regular blogroll.
There's some good information that can be found in all the blogs in this category. You want to prepare an emergency kit? Get reviews on different kinds of gear? Find out how the Feds operate? How they're fucking us? Gardening or livestock questions? These links are the places to go.
If you know of any blogs that need to be listed, let me know.


MrG's said...

Hey kenny

I am trying to set up a blogroll so I can link the stuff that I read. You have any ideas? Google Blogger ain't any help

I thank you for your time


drjim said...

Nice job, Kenny!
I keep meaning on cleaning mine up, but haven't done it in about 6 months.
My fixed links are in the "Link-O-Rama" section on mine.

Tom said...

Like the "new order" of listings of other folks' blogs... but where's the "Camel Toe" heading!?

Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!