Friday, July 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Claymore!

Zilla posted it in a comment and I'm joining her in Best Wishes for you.

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claymore said...

Well this birthday really sucked....
The birthday started out BAD. Drove for an hour in traffic across town to get some car parts for my birthday. Got there and they don't make them anymore.

Said screw it and got a pizza to make up for the long trip and took out my new fake tooth that I had made two months ago and put it on the tray while eating and walked away not discovering till we got home that I just threw away my $100.00 tooth.

Told Mrs. claymore maybe we better stay home tonight after dropping a spoonful of Chili in the kitchen that went off like a hand grenade spreading chilli all over the floor and walls.

Then we start out to party and the usual 20 minute trip by taxi to the skytrain takes one hour and a half stuck in a taxi listening to Thai hillybilly music. Get to the skytrain and climb the steep 3 floor steps and just as we reach the platform the doors of the train close literally in our faces.

Get to our stop and get out into A FUCKEN MONSOON TORRENT OF RAIN. So there we are way down silom and can't catch a taxi going our way from this side of the road so we ate a whopper at burgerking and walked to the entertainment area in the rain.

Finally get to the pool hall soaking wet and Mrs. claymore proceeds to put a whooping on my ass winning 10 out of 11 games of pool (normally the score is reversed me winning 10 out of 11).

But the rest of the night was OK because by then it was after midnight anyway so it wasn't my birthday anyway. "If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all"


It just gets worse and worse.............. finally felt human enough to take a shower so went upstairs and was just coming out of the shower all wet when apple called out to me and I went to see what the problem was and FELL DOWN A FLIGHT OF 6 STAIRS.

Wet feet slid out from under me and because this has happened to me before I knew to take the fall on one elbow and one foot and to keep your back and ass off the steps.

Just before I retired I was checking an alarm at a restaurant and the grease on the floor got on the bottom of my boots and I fell down a whole flight of 13 stairs bouncing on my ass the whole way down. Took week off before my tailbone was healed enough to sit normally.

So this time it was foot and elbow down but that drove to force up into my worn out shoulder and now it's creaking again. The only good news is I don't think anything is broken but I'm going to be one sore bitch in the AM tomorrow.

somebody just shoot me and put me out of my misery............

And thanks for the greetings.