Friday, July 08, 2011

Monoply for women



Zilla/MJ said...

That's Wife Monopoly, the single ladies' version would have no kitchen at all unless she's trying to snag a husband.
Husband's Monopoly would have squares for going to the garage, doing yardwork & fixing shit, because that's what women get married for. If a man can't fix stuff, there's not much point in keeping him around. I happily spend most of my time in the kitchen, because I married a man who fixes all the stuff around here and that deserves some damned sammitches or whatever the hell else he'd like me to cook, unless it's BBQ because putting meat directly over fire is man work! I don't mess with the grill & he doesn't screw around with my kitchen unless something needs fixin'.

Anonymous said...

You go Zilla! They sure don't make many men that fix things. Ask WC. Well he may now for Miss Lisa.