Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Not that Obama gives a flying fuck about our British allies

Highlander Scott McLaren was named today by the MoD after going missing early yesterday morning. (Daily Mail)
The British soldier who was captured by the Taliban and then executed was paraded in front of Taliban leaders after his death.
The Daily Mail reported:
The British soldier snatched and executed by the Taliban yesterday has been named by the MoD as Highlander Scott McLaren.
Highlander McLaren of 4th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, disappeared from a Nato checkpoint in central Helmand province yesterday, sparking a massive 17-hour search.
It was claimed today that the body of the 20-year-old, from the Sighthill area of Edinburgh, was paraded around like a trophy by his captors.
The serviceman, who had wandered off alone from a checkpoint, is said to have been captured by insurgents from a Helmand village near his base.
He was then killed amid unconfirmed claims that he was tortured and beaten before his corpse was paraded in front of Taliban chiefs, an Afghan district councillor claimed.
The death of Highlander McLaren came as a ‘huge blow’ to those serving alongside him, his colleagues said today.
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A statement on behalf of his family – parents James and Ann, sister Kirsty and brothers James and Ross – read:
‘We are deeply saddened by the news that our dear son Scott was killed in Afghanistan.
‘We were extremely proud of Scott. He loved the Army and despite his short time in 4 SCOTS had made many friends.
‘Scott was a beloved son to James and Ann and brother to Kirsty, James and Ross. His family and friends; Grandmother Evelyn, Uncle Graham, Aunty Heather and close friend Michael will miss him dreadfully. We will always be thinking of him.
‘We would like to thank everybody for their support and kindness at this time.’
Last month the Obama Administration announced that they were holding peace talks with the Taliban.


Stinkwilly said...

Maybe they aren't telling the whole story butttt.........

"wandering off ALONE from a check point" and grabbed in a village by the taliban?????? WTF!!

That was not to smart of a move on his part and it just happened to be his last. Was he so naieve to think that they would NOT grab him if they had the chance???
That checkpoint was put there for a reason and it is too bad he didn't realize that. God rest his soul.

Stretch said...

Pissing off Scots?
Never a good idea.
These are the same troopers who staged a bayonet charge a few years back.
Yup, lasers, GPS and satellite communications and the Scots still use bayonets.

MrG's said...

And obummer wants to negotiate with these clowns...I am amazed by how naive the present administration is. They forget that in certain parts of the world only the strong are respected. The weak are mocked.