Saturday, August 13, 2011

FTF (Fuck the feds)

I went coyote hunting last weekend and found the perfect place to set up, unfortunately it was just downhill from an abandoned gold mine. I had a pad to sit on, but the waste rock I was kneeling in was killing my fucking knees so today I went down and bought a set of military knee pads from my local surplus store, Crescent Supply.
When I walked through the door the girl behind the counter said "Hi, Mr Lane, let me know if I can help you with anything."
I started laughing. They know me by name.
When I was in there prowling around, I remembered something I had read at Sipsey Street Irregulars or Western Rifle Shooters' Assn about how in Colorado the feds have issued a directive for gun and surplus stores to report any suspicious activities like buying prepper items like packs, MREs, flashlights, paying with cash, etc because we "might be domestic terrorists".
So when I got up to the counter I flat out asked Riley if they've gotten something like that.
He told me that they had but they weren't cooperating. He said that preppers, Patriots and survivalists were their bread and butter and he wasn't going to kill his business or reputation by spying and informing on his customers and besides, at any given time there was at least one cop in the store shopping their 511 Tactical line of police gear. "That's their job, not mine. If they see something suspicious, they can handle it."
Right on, at least one business owner's tell the feds to go fuck themselves.
I paid for my purchases and as I was walking out the door:
"Bye, Mr Lane! See you next week!"