Saturday, August 06, 2011

Wrong, Skippy.

Half a Million Troops Could Seal the Southwest Border, Says Border Protection Chief

( – Sealing the border between the United States and Mexico completely is “theoretically” possible, but Americans would not want to pay “the costs that would be involved,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner Alan Bersin said Thursday.
He was speaking at an event to release a report by the liberal Center for American Progress (CAP), claiming the southwest border is safer than it ever has been.
“We would need on the order of about four or five hundred thousand border patrol agents to seal the border,” Bersin said, adding that such a plan would involve having agents stationed “25 yards” apart along the entire length of the border.
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Not true. Many countries secure their frontiers with a lot less than a soldier every 25 yards apart. It will take a no-bullshit border fence that will cost some bucks - double electric fence with a mined no-mans' in between with towers every hundred or so yards but it can be done cheaply and fairly quickly if they had the fucking balls to do it. Just ask Russia how to do it and then turn the fence posts facing out instead of in.
The fence will pay for itself in a few years just in welfare benefits.


Toaster 802 said...

Free fire zone. If it walks, crawls, swims, or flies, it dies. Period.

Stinkwilly said...

Toaster 802
has the right idea.

2000 miles of border

2 thousand snipers with .50 cal sniping rifles with night vision scopes.

1 thousand spotters every half mile.

Mine the first 200 yards

Put up signs (in English)

"Stay The Fuck Out Or Be Shot"

Problem solved