Thursday, September 22, 2011

But CharlieGodammit was just saying hey!

My psycho neighbor Bruce came into the yard the other day to talk to Lisa about something. He hadn't even made it to the front porch where she was sitting when CharlieGodammit hit the security door with all 110 pounds, snapping and snarling from where he was laid up next to me in my Bass Pro Camouflage Easy Chair, giving him about a 15 foot lead to build up speed.
"Godammit, I HATE THAT FUCKING DOG!!!! That sumbitch just keeps getting meaner and bigger ever' damned day! FUCK!!!!"
Motherfucker never learns, CGD rattles him about once a month. But I think that was the first time Lisa ever witnessed it because she was laughing harder than I was.


  1. And you know that you both loves him.

  2. Had a dog like that years ago. He loved my wife and me but hated the rest of the world. We really loved that dog, had him 12 years until he died of old age.
    Paul in Texas


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