Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't ask if you don't wanna hear the truth

Just a teaser for y'all........

.....To be blunt senator, if our military were fighting for our liberty, our military would surround D.C. and arrest most of the senate and con-gress for treason. You people don't even have the balls to shut down the Federal Reserve and restore America to sound constitutional money. You people don't have the balls to kick out the United Nations and tear up every single U.N. treaty. You people sit aside and allow U.N. Agenda 21 to be implemented in every State of the Union. You people stand idly by while presidents create unconstitutional E.O.'s. You people stand around and slap each other on the backs, play grab-ass, and trade pens, while using the constitution as toilet paper while telling us how wonderful the constitution is......

For the rest of this outstanding spanking go to:
California Tree of Liberty

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