Monday, September 26, 2011

They're desperate when they're hitting ME up for cash

A piece of an email I got today from

Friend --
Here's something you don't have in common with 117,552 other supporters of this movement who tell us they live in California.
  That many of your neighbors have decided to own a piece of this campaign by making a donation of whatever they could afford. For some, that meant just $5. For others, it meant $100 or more. But each had their own personal reason for giving.
  Our records show that you aren't one of the 117,552 people in your state who have stepped up for 2012. Now's your chance to change that.
Make a donation of $3 or more today to support the campaign before the critical September 30th deadline.

My reply:
You've only got 117,552 Obamessiah supporters in Kalifornia, the most liberal state in the Union?
That's fucked up.
Maybe you should tell that POS president to step up to the plate and do his damned job.
- Ken Lane
Molon Labe