Wednesday, October 05, 2011

25% off choke tubes

Hey, I get a shitload of email from outdoors shops, ammo wholesalers, predator clubs, shit like that. I mean, I'm on everybodys' list. No biggie though, I figure I save lots of money that way buying stuff that I wouldn't have realized I needed if these kind folks hadn't pointed it out.
A good example is coyote calls. I've got at least 2 dozen mouth calls - if I heard something good about it, that motherfucker's mine. How many do I actually use? Four. I never hunt without those four, they cover all my needs. But I got some bad-ass calls hanging on my call wall.
Anyways, I got this in the mail today and figured I'd pass it on to you folks. I can't vouch for the tube seeing as my shotguns are so ancient that don't have interchangable chokes. Fuck, my favorite shotgun is my 870 Wingmaster that I got for my 15th Christmas.
Godammit, I'm wandering again.......
Anyways, go to their website and check it out.

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Tattoo Jim said...

My 870 Express is for home defense... can't say a coke tube would do much good over that 10-15 feet in front of it...