Friday, October 28, 2011

A touching moment

A little boy says to his mother,"Mommy, how come I'm black and you're white?"
His mother replied, "Don't even go there, Barack! From what I remember about that party, you're fucking lucky you don't bark!"
 (edited by Stinkwilly - read the comments)


Stinkwilly said...

Kenny!!!! You let the big one get away man. You should have edited that joke for the mother to say....

" don't even go there "BARACK" you're lucky you don't bark.

that would have given you some major points I'm sure.

wirecutter said...

Fuck me running...... I'll change it.
Thanks, man.

wirecutter said...

There. Fixed. Even gave you the honors.

Stinkwilly said...

hahaha. Thanks dude. Now then, we can only hope it gets back to that fucking fraud that sets on his muslim ass in the whitehouse, with his fucking shoes on "our" desk. The gall of that prick. Too bad there isn't someone with the balls to tell him to get his fucking feet off the furniture, or is that the way his "momma" raised him.