Thursday, November 03, 2011

I need to gas more hippies

Damn, I came home a few minutes ago and checked my sitemeter and I have 500 (no shit!) more hits than usual for this time of the evening, thanks to the good friends that linked me on it. I also have 19 comments to go through, plus 4 or 5 this morning before I left for work which is about double my normal amount.
I mean fuck, I only average 950 hits a day and slightly less on weekends because you're not checking me out at work instead of working, but when I checked about 5 minutes ago I had 1354 and it's only 7 PM.
And not only that but I picked up 5 more followers. How cool is that?
I may not be widely read, but my readers are some righteous motherfuckers.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Wirecutter groupie! I just love your site (except for the dead animals) and gassing these people was the best!

Keep Honking I'm Reloading

wirecutter said...

Well, thank you very much KHIR.
Comments are always welcome, you know.
As far as the dead animals.... ya gotta take the bad with the good.

Skip said...

Kenny, with your pepper post, and the four geezers being set up by the Fibs, you and Mike are fuckin' going to be world famous.
Hurry and autograph a shotshell for me, or a Rappala, so I don't hafta drive up there and stand in line.

drjim said...

900 a day?

Geez....takes me about a week to 'get900, and that's a "good" week!

Harvey Scrote said...

The other side to this coin is - based just on the comments you received, does that give you an idea of how many, many other plain old working class folks out here are already primed and ready to go off with just one more touch of the tripwire by the ayholes? When you did your thing, you were representing hundreds of people who feel the same way and just haven't yet had the chance to do as you did.

Oh, one more thought - any time you don't have ready access to pepper spray - if you don't mind being nasty - you can get that 20 foot thin-stream wasp and hornet spray anywhere from coast to coast and it does wonders for removing misplaced enthusiasm from aggressors. Yeah, it can cause some damage to eyes and stuff, but you can always say you feared for your life and it was the only thing you had on hand.
Just a thought,

Erinyes said...

Fuck those assholes. GOOD JOB!

Deb said...

I have never been more proud to be called a righteous MF.

Thud said...

It's my first visit and as a very conservative Brit I'll be back again.

firehawk65 said...

Proud of you man. I always carry, but you make me want to get some pepper spray. We have so many homeless assholes down below my house always panhandling. Every time I see one with a peace symbol on there cardboard sign I tell them that is the symbol for the foot print of the American chicken. They always go off on me and I tell them to bring it on. The pepper spray down to the ground would be fucking hilarious! Go Stormbringer and Theo

Cheers Mate