Saturday, November 26, 2011

Urban warfare, use the terrain

Urban warfare is not just "Close Quarters Battle" and "Enter and Clear a Room" that many people seem to think. That 14.5 inch M4gery with a red dot on top? Fine for that sort of thing, but if you wanted a 300 meter gun why not just get an AK?

Urban terrain has very long fields of fire along roads, from rooftops to street level, from storm drains to hill tops. Would you put a machine gun on a rooftop or on street level? If you said "rooftop" I'm not saying that you are wrong, only that you have now limited yourself to plunging fire. There may in fact be very good reasons for putting a machine gun on a roof top, but there are equally good reasons for street level.

As our Jewish Resistance Fighters in alternative 1960 Germany are finding out, terrain is your best asset when you can't win in a stand up fight.

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